24th of December 2018 05:18 PM Link
Merry Christmas to all from Aggression - may Satan brings you more metal than ever and crank it all the way up 🤘🎅🤘
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22nd of December 2018 04:35 PM Link
Weapon Of War 🤘🤘🤘
Message image
19th of December 2018 05:08 PM Link
Aggression loves Entombed - yes we do! 🤘💀🤘
18th of December 2018 02:51 PM Link
Quite a few missing amazing Canadian Metal bands but still a pretty solid line-up!!! 🤘 - we would personally add Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, Witches Hammer, Blasphemy, Assimilation, Cocaine Mustache, BARF, Damnation, Voor, Yog Sothoth, Divinity, Soothsayer, Zimmer's Hole, West Of Hell, Expain, Crackwhore, The Golers, Anciient, WMD and many others...
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17th of December 2018 04:20 PM Link
Not only Aggression will get the chance to participate in this amazing festival, we will get the chance to see bands we have been fans of for years - At War - are you fucking kidding me!!?? Deceased - no fucking way!!?? Fucking Katon and Hirax - you bet!! Combine with many, many friends we have met over the years - and hosted by the one and only Randy Kastner - we can't barely wait and wish we could park our van behind the venue and tailgate that shit for the next 4 months... Hail metal 🤘
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12th of December 2018 11:59 PM Link
Aggression alive and well in Jonquière, QC 2015 - no Dug on bass (was busy with some ladies back in Quebec City) - still slays 🤘💀🤘
7th of December 2018 07:27 PM Link
Aggression loves Kreator!!! Under the fucking guillotine!!!!!!!! 🤘💀🤘
6th of December 2018 03:08 AM Link
Can you see the resemblance??? We can!! 🤘💀🤘
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4th of December 2018 11:30 AM Link
Promo release for 1986's Forgotten Skeleton... If only it was released when it was supposed to be released 💀
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29th of November 2018 10:02 PM Link
"Tales Of Terror" off our latest 2018 recording "Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash" available on the mighty UK label Dissonance Productions!!

Order our CD right here:

28th of November 2018 11:39 AM Link
Aggression loves Deceased 🤘 please check out their brand new album "Ghostly White" an amazing listen filled with musical twists 🤘💀🤘
22nd of November 2018 12:03 AM Link
Sasquatch is currently listening to Saxon "Denim And Leather" front to back - can you dig it?? 🤘
21st of November 2018 06:57 PM Link
Aggression updates!!

6 - Our next record is 90% written - just need to add some blood into the corpses - pre-prod dec/jan

6 - multiple show announcements coming up for 2019 - Canada, USA, Japan, South America, Europe, you name it!

6 - Aggression personnel announcement coming up soon - we might have secured a drummer - replacement for the deadly departed Ryan Murray Idris

Stay tuned, read the satanic bible and behead turkeys...

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16th of November 2018 03:55 PM Link
Aggression's guitar virtuoso Dave Watson previous band: "Entropia" performing "Crimson Empire". Also featuring Aggression alumni Darin Wall - give it a listen! This was recommended by Aggression super fan: Yvan "Sneaky" Ouellet! Hail metal! 🤘
12th of November 2018 04:58 PM Link
Aggression salute all individuals who fought, lost limbs and lives fighting for freedom... For Those About To Fight, We Salute You 🇨🇦️⚔️