17th of August 2017 07:22 PM Link
Aggression & DBC : 30ième Anniversaire
C'est avec fierté qu' Apocalypse Metal présente le 30ième anniversaire de 2 groupes canadiens légendaires Aggressio...
6th of November 2017 12:00 AM
16th of August 2017 07:04 AM Link
Aggression @ Armstrong Metal Fest July 2017
13th of August 2017 03:43 AM Link
Due to smoke, ashes and wildfire Aggression's performance at Metallion is cancelled - we are still trying to find a way to safety
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11th of August 2017 04:29 PM Link
Aggression/Outrage circa 1986 - true Quebec metal pioneers... with Johnny Hart and some lesser known character...
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10th of August 2017 07:32 AM Link
Priority of the fall.. Get your Aggression/DBC tickets before the show gets sold out - you don't want to miss this...
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9th of August 2017 02:32 AM Link
Different band - different era - same chaos...
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8th of August 2017 05:23 AM Link
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8th of August 2017 01:47 AM Link
When an image is worth a thousand words...

Quand une image vaut milles mots...
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6th of August 2017 10:30 PM Link
Brian getting The Full Treatment in Drumheller Alberta at the Loud as Hell Feastival \m/
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5th of August 2017 07:09 AM Link
Cocaine Mustache!!! Alive and well @ Loud As Hell!!
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4th of August 2017 10:46 AM Link
Salmon Arm - 3:45am - ClitSlap!!
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4th of August 2017 02:32 AM Link
Old school guitar tech table... \m/
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1st of August 2017 01:44 AM Link
Abaddon, Mantas,Tony, Joey & Aggression - recipe for disaster...
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1st of August 2017 01:25 AM Link
29th of July 2017 03:46 PM Link
Aggression is heading to the Canadian badlands... join us and destroy!!!!!!!!!! #loud as hell
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