31st of May 2018 11:18 PM Link
Here's another pretty favorable review from Marcel Rapp @ Power Metal in Germany - thank you - we appreciate it 🤘🤘🤘💀💀💀
31st of May 2018 03:44 AM Link
Album reviews are pouring in... Enjoy!!!
29th of May 2018 07:29 AM Link
Frozen Aggressors!!! The band has been busy demolishing faces and flying all over but guess what? The album is out and more news are coming your way.... Stay tuned and Captain Creepy Crow will update you - go Satan go 💀
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22nd of May 2018 08:12 PM Link
To purchase our new record, please promptly visit - comes out in 3 days!!!
22nd of May 2018 05:30 PM Link
Happy Tuesday Frozen Aggressors!! Here's a little Exodus for y'all... This riff is C-R-U-S-H-I-N-G!! Heavy Metal rules!!! 💀
20th of May 2018 02:36 AM Link
Saturday Night Dance Party w/ Brutal Truth!! Enjoy the Disco Death!!! 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
18th of May 2018 02:11 PM Link
Happy Friday Frozen Aggressors!! Put some Cryptic Slaughter in your Shreddies!!! Lowlife is where its at 💀
17th of May 2018 04:04 PM Link
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17th of May 2018 04:02 PM Link
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17th of May 2018 02:53 PM Link
Sasquatch believes that this track is the best thrash metal song of all time... Agree? Disagree? Let's debate!!!
16th of May 2018 06:33 PM Link
A band favorite - all time metal classic - soundtrack of the day - enjoy aggressors!!!
15th of May 2018 10:08 PM Link
Soundtrack Of The Day!!! Makes you want to destroy everything in sight!!! DESTROY!!!!
14th of May 2018 02:01 PM Link
German review of our upcoming brand new recording: Feels Like Punk Sounds Like Thrash is out May 25th on Dissonance Productions!!!
14th of May 2018 04:37 AM Link
Up your ass, right here, right now 😈💀
10th of May 2018 02:08 PM Link
Sasquatch hanging out with Antoine Ouellet our good friend from Quebec and one of our biggest fan 🤘
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