8th of February 2018 07:50 PM Link
We shot a music video yesterday to accompany our new album that is coming out this spring. Here is a behind the scene look at some of what took place. Big thanks to our beautiful zombies Catherine and Sarah!
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1st of February 2018 08:31 PM Link
Demigod Ascendancy caught up with Denis Barthe and Brian Langley to talk about all things Aggression recently. Here's part one, or follow the link to get the whole interview \m/
1st of February 2018 04:34 AM Link
Working on our live set for 2018 #possessedbydawn
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31st of January 2018 09:54 PM Link
We are fired up to be a part of this killer festival in Vancouver BC. We are on the Saturday night with Carcass and Sacrifice \m/
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26th of January 2018 02:03 PM Link
Road trip??
17th of January 2018 01:17 PM Link
Aggression loves The Desolate Nick Bielser
11th of January 2018 06:59 PM Link
Live interview with Brian Langley & Denis Barthe - be ready to be blown away with insightful information on all things Aggression as well as an in-depth cost analyst on amphetamines shortage and its impact on North Korea's olympic presence...
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8th of January 2018 12:43 PM Link
Aggression loves The Crucifier from Greece!!! True Thrash Metal from twisted souls... see you on the road brothas!!!
6th of January 2018 03:01 PM Link
1986 - Venom/Cro-Mags/Voivod gig @ The Ritz in NYC - picture by King Fowley - Blacky @ Voivod
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29th of December 2017 09:18 PM Link
Thrashers and head damagers! Modified Ghost Festival III is happening in Vancouver May 24-27. There are very few passes left. There's people flying in from all over the world for this. Don't sleep on this killer festival happening in our own back yard! Aggression shares the stage with Sacrifice and Carcass on May 26. this whole festival is going to be insanity! Did we mention Bloodbath is playing this festival!?
Modified Ghost Festival III
@[943440419081536:274:Modified Ghost Festival] III Presents... Tickets & Passes: May 23 - OBITUARY - wi...
24th of May 2018 12:00 AM
28th of December 2017 12:33 PM Link
While satanism may eschew holy sites, gods and other tenets that are sacred to most religions, it places a high value on symbolism and art...
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27th of December 2017 06:39 AM Link
Aggression loves Destroyer 666
13th of December 2017 04:47 PM
Just announced May 2018 in Vancouver, be playing at Modified Ghost Festival III Carcass and a bunch of other amazing bands \m/
9th of December 2017 05:35 AM Link
If you think Aggression has been busy and in your face since our 2015 rebirth, you haven't seen nothing yet...
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29th of November 2017 02:59 AM Link
Aggression loves Entombed!!!