19th of April 2018 06:24 PM Link
Aggression's new tune "Tales Of Terror" is getting quite a bit of airplay around the world however Metal Devastation Radio is where it's at!! Please follow at
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18th of April 2018 02:46 AM Link
Our awesome German friends in Casket inc. have a new single _ check it out!!! 🤘
16th of April 2018 08:48 PM Link
Killer pix of Aggression original drummer Gate (RIP) with Jeff Becerra of Possessed and Billy Milano of S.O.D. (stormtroopers of Death)... Good times in 1986!!
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6th of April 2018 03:23 PM Link
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6th of April 2018 03:23 PM Link
3rd of April 2018 12:54 PM Link
Old school rules 🤘

Watch the video and practice your "Quebecois"!!
31st of March 2018 04:17 PM Link
Metal On Metal 🤟
22nd of March 2018 04:08 PM Link
Little fun fact on this lovely Thursday - in 1985, Sasquatch received a call from a guy from Ottawa named Jeff Waters. He had a band called Annihilator and we had a fairly long discussion about the possibility of merging Annihilator and Aggression together. Of course it never happened but we seriously considered it. We sometimes wonder what it would have sounded like... Thrash history Thursday!! 🤘🤘🤘
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22nd of March 2018 03:41 AM
Helllloooo Ladies. Y'know, I think It's high time that Aggression made some tank tops/ladies cut tshirts don't you? We'll be doing the layout and want to hear from you! There isn't nearly enough selection out there for you ladies of Metal. What would you like to see from types of shirt cuts to art design placement. Colors? Let us know and we'll make it happen \m/
14th of March 2018 03:15 PM Link
Unleashing The Ghost... Halifax, Nova Scotia!!!! Coast To Coast Metal Up Your Ass!!!
14th of March 2018 09:38 AM Link
Quebec City - Alive And Well
8th of February 2018 07:50 PM Link
We shot a music video yesterday to accompany our new album that is coming out this spring. Here is a behind the scene look at some of what took place. Big thanks to our beautiful zombies Catherine and Sarah!
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1st of February 2018 08:31 PM Link
Demigod Ascendancy caught up with Denis Barthe and Brian Langley to talk about all things Aggression recently. Here's part one, or follow the link to get the whole interview \m/
1st of February 2018 04:34 AM Link
Working on our live set for 2018 #possessedbydawn
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31st of January 2018 09:54 PM Link
We are fired up to be a part of this killer festival in Vancouver BC. We are on the Saturday night with Carcass and Sacrifice \m/
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