27th of September 2017 09:39 PM Link
Aggression Loves Ghoultown
27th of September 2017 05:04 AM Link
Canada are you ready for us!!? We will see you in November \m/
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26th of September 2017 01:51 PM Link
Voices From The Dark Side strikes again!!! This time they critique, scrutinize and take a look inside our 2016 release: Fragmented Spirit Devils.
23rd of September 2017 01:28 PM Link
An in depth review of our 30-year old LP "Full Treatment" from our German friends @ voices from the dark side - it's a good read and points out our "death metal" element that was present in 1987...
22nd of September 2017 11:43 AM
Aggression is looking for an artist who could make some art modifications to our stage banner using fabric paint - artist needs to be local (Vancouver, BC Canada) and the project needs to be completed by October 31st. Please email Sasquatch at for additional information .
9th of September 2017 08:56 PM Link
Another backstage rookie who doesn't gangbang... bring back the eighties!!!
9th of September 2017 08:05 PM Link
One of Sasquatch's favorite videos - he fucking loves Detroit 's own Halloween - check em out!!
9th of September 2017 05:35 AM Link
Give us danger....
30th of August 2017 02:21 AM Link
Mr. Lady Killer himself Brian Langley interview with Absolute Underground: an amazing Canadian music magazine... Check it out!!! \m/
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27th of August 2017 02:47 PM Link
No wonder we like Manny Charlton from Nazareth so much - right????
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24th of August 2017 08:21 PM Link
Aggression has a show on 2017-08-26 at 14:00 @ Logan's Pub in Victoria, BC
22nd of August 2017 10:20 PM Link
Let's hop on a rip ride...
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22nd of August 2017 02:23 PM Link
22nd of August 2017 02:21 PM Link
Gaetan "Gate" Bourassa was the heartbeat of Aggression. Without him, Aggression would have never existed and to prove our point, we disbanded shortly after we gave him the boot... Today we celebrate his daughter Marie-Eve's birthday who turns 16. From everyone in the Aggression camp, happy birthday Marie-Eve!!! \m/
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21st of August 2017 11:35 AM Link
We wrote this song in honor of the "Defenders Of The Old" that occurred yearly in Brooklyn, NY photo by Derek Carr
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